Summer Holidays.

Bikini – Lovely Sally, Sunglasses – Chicwish, Necklace – Backstage*, Earrings –, Nail Varnish – Aldo.

Well, the weather has gone back to normal which means no sun, rain and lots of moody looking people walking around. Boo. But hey, I don’t care, I’m going to France in 8 days! I was only meant to go for just four days because I couldn’t get time off work but now, since I am free as a bird my mum was lovely enough to change my flights and I am now going to be in the sunny south of France for one whole week!! Oh boy, I am so excited. Walking to the beach, sun bathing, drinking ice cold minute maid by the sea. Bliss!
I am now on the hunt for a good book to read on my travels, can you guys recommend me anything? What are your favourite travel reads? x