What You Can See at Blind & Shade

Blind & Shade are a contemporary art and design gallery that focus on the creative and aesthetic aspects of interior design, interior architecture, and the creative uses of lighting. The show is dedicated to the use of lighting and its effects. In other words, you’ll find everything from dramatic and elegant lights to subtle and modern and all with a focus on the practical, aesthetic, and functional.

For those of you who are interested in the design industry or just like to decorate your home, Blind & Shade is a good place to start. This gallery showcases both local and international designers that have created a number of spectacular interior designs in their own studios or as part of their professional design portfolios. Many of the artists at the gallery are local and you will be able to interact with these artists in person. As an example, the designer known as “Crow” works in New York City but has made a name for himself in the local area, bringing his work to many art galleries and markets around the country.

While this may seem a bit unusual, it actually makes the selection of lighting an interesting choice, especially if you are trying to create a unique look for your room. The show itself features many light fixtures that can be used in different settings, such as small living rooms or family rooms, to bring out the best of certain themes, color palettes, and architectural elements. For instance, one piece of art featured at the show is an abstract piece by the artist “Thee.” This is a large and heavy piece that can be found mounted on a wood structure, reminiscent of an old-fashioned carriage house. The light fixture is located on a wall inside the drawing room, highlighting a specific window frame and the surrounding walls. What you can see in this particular room is that the window frame, which is made up of dark wood, has been painted with a beautiful blue color.

This painting was inspired by the use of this same style of lighting on the exterior of an old carriage house that was located on the outskirts of New York City. Another piece of art, “Aeron,” features several light fixtures that are strategically placed around the home. The art itself is made of acrylic on canvas that is hung on a wall at the entrance to the home. The main light fixture is located in the center of the picture, and several lights are placed throughout the entryway, along the walls, and throughout the house, highlighting specific items in the background.

One piece of art that was featured in the exhibit, “Fading,” has been displayed before, but never before at the show. The piece was made by New York artist, “Wetware,” and is a series of paintings depicting the fading and death of objects. This piece of artwork can be seen in various different locations throughout the exhibit.

The show also featured some other contemporary design art. The “Windmill,” “Whip,” and “Cedar” artworks were featured in this display. All three of these pieces are examples of contemporary interior art that are used to create a particular atmosphere within the room. Each of these artworks features unique elements that bring the artwork together into a unique and special environment. The Windmill piece has a unique feature that combines the colors of the sun and water, while the “Whip” is created using a bright yellow color that contrasts with the blue of the sky.